The Garden at The Oaks is designed for gardeners of all abilities, from experts to the inexperienced, to work together, to learn from each other, as well as to lighten the load of gardening alone. The purpose of the Garden at The Oaks is to provide fresh, clean, natural food for our families and in the process to build lasting friendships. The excess from our garden is donated to food shelters and those in need in our community. For those who can not work but would like to contribute in other ways, donations of tools, compost, straw, natural fertilizer, vegetable or flower seeds would be appreciated. We are in need of a working push mower and tiller if anyone has one to share with us.  The cost is $30 per family in order to cover the cost. Please email if you are interested in joining us for the 2016 season or would like to contribute in other ways to the Garden at The Oaks.
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